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Bliss-Tel Public Company Limited

BLISS-TEL PCL was founded in March of 1989 with registered capital of 300,000 baht to engage in the business of importing and distribution of telecommunications equipment in the cell phone and cell phone accessory categories. The company has continued to strengthen our position in diversifying market. And on 13 December 2004, the company began to trade on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in the category of communications technology using the abbreviation “BLISS”.

Later on in 2005, the retail cell phone market became exponentially more competitive due to rapidly changing technology in the business environment. Consequently, profits from retail sales dropped, thereby prompting the company to disengage itself from retail cell phones and cell phone accessories.

Furthermore, the company also changed its infrastructure and business methods to engage in information technology, communications and telecommunications with both software and hardware with focus on marketing through trading partners and various alliances like business-to-business (B2B) alliances and business-to-government (B2G) alliances which remain under the technology category on the stock exchange of Thailand as in the past with a registered capital of 1,900 million Baht at present (paid in full) on 3 May 2013 and increased from 1900 million Baht to 3,690 million Baht in 2015. The company established an Administrative Department to support growth and handle marketing in separate divisions as follows:

1.  The Telecom Solutions Division (TS) provides solutions and services to create basic infrastructure for telecommunication systems, including designs and installations of various high speed network infrastructures and associated equipment in telecommunications and radio broadcasting, such as 3G and 4G/LTE networks.

2 . The Information Technology Solutions Division (IT) provides solutions and services on basic information technology infrastructure, including IT and network accessories with the installation of basic organization connections with information technology such as computer networks.

3.  Software and Digital Media (SD) provides support in marketing leading software and applications for the vertical industry, government institutes and SME groups. SD also manufactures products for the digital media industry.

Thus, the company aims to be a provider of technological services for the ASEAN region. And in 2014, the company is starting to expand business and learning business models in the ASEAN market.