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Mobile & Digital media

Mobile & Digital media

Thailand is currently focused on developing information and communications technology. Regarding to the National Broadband Policy, the requirement-driven development of basic telecommunications services has to serve the current telecom situation and future direction. The world of wireless communications has to play a key role in the daily lives of people.

Bliss – Tel Public Company Limited is ready to become a part of every Thai people daily. With the cooperation of the 3G mobile phone network providers such as The Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) and TOT Public Company Limited (Thailand) by offering SIM My by CAT and SIM TOT coupled with communication services of other wireless solutions. To meet both the business to business and individual customers are retail customers. According to the ministry that focuses on telecommunications and information technology, quality and able to meet the needs of service users. By developing or recruiting new innovations. And deliver a better experience to the user.

My by CAT

3G Wireless Telephone by HSPA

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 BLISSTEL provides the portable Wi-Fi devices with high speed 3G

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