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3G Wireless Telephone by HSPA

(Mobile & Digital media)


With the advantage of its own 3G network, the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT), with maximum coverage. To speed – Transfer data up to 42 Mbps 3G network of CAT now has a network devoted to providing the very best in the market, which currently has a network is 15,000 base stations, resulting in a coverage area 90. % or 90% of the population.



Today my 3G using performance through visual communication. And then by covering the 77 provinces across the country. Coupled with marketing activities in the area thoroughly and continuously. It also plans to further develop the 3G to 4G LTE service by sending a team to conduct a study and develop in the further development of the network. To prepare for the 4G LTE service in the near future.

Service is available on my 3G wireless data communication network on frequencies 850 MHz HSPA CAT is owned by three types of licensed telecommunication operators in the form of wireless data communication circuits were full. Which can set APN (Access Point Name) to the desired number. It is a network linked to international Internet circuit (IIG) and domestic (NIX), the largest in the country which supports data transfer more easily.